The Fine Print


All written content, photos, layouts, and design work are original and were created by Spirit & Haven, unless otherwise stated (and carefully credited). I write and share from my heart. I use my brain and my creativity to come up with the content you see here. Whether it's my site copy, blog posts, or website design, I work really hard to make sure that I stay true to myself. No copying & pasting from someone else. Just me.

Unfortunately, the internet can be a super rude place, and from time to time, I find my content (or something almost exact) sprinkled around the web. And sometimes, you (the reader) find copycats of my site, too. Bummer. Rest assured - what you see on this site came to life in my sunny little office in California. I believe in honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

I know how hard people work to create genuine content - whether it be their website copy, the services & products they offer their clients, or their blog posts - it takes time, dedication, energy, brain power, and a lot of care. I get that. I'm right there with you. And I know how sucky it is when you find that someone has copied and pasted your work or your words or your art, onto their site. Sometimes verbatim, sometimes a word here and there has been changed. Sometimes an image is slightly re-edited. All your hard work, taken from you in minutes. I know that feeling well. 

If I share something on this site the does not belong to me, I carefully credit it with love and respect for the original creator. And if you see something that, by some chance, hasn't been credited properly, please let me know immediately. I will make it right.


Copying, stealing, and/or paraphrasing is not okay, dudes. Don't do it. It's not worth it.

Please credit appropriately. Thanks.