Selected Projects —

here’s a peek into some of the magical and radical worlds i’ve helped to create. Crafted with love in California.


Bonnie Vivante

Creative direction / Brand Design / Styling / Photography 


Phoenix Muranetz

Brand design


The Winter Phoenix

brand design / Squarespace customization 


Veronica Varlow

Brand design


Femme Rising

Creative direction / Brand Design / Squarespace Customization
Content Creation / ECourse + Ebook design 

Coming soon!


Freckled Italian

Brand Design / Squarespace Customization


Cosmic Bath & Beauty

Brand Design / Photography 


Luna Wild

Brand Design | Photography

Coming Soon!



A collection of my photo work

Coming soon! 


What they’re saying —

"Kelly is a rare gem. Her strong instinct, killer aesthetic, and generous, kind soul make her an absolute dream to work with. It was such a joyous experience being a part of her team and the end result was way beyond what I had hoped for or expected. Not to mention, it was, hands down, one of the most incredible and valuable creative experiences of my life. She consistently blew me out of the water and was constantly impressing the hell out of me. I can’t imagine asking anyone else to design my brand and I am beyond ecstatic with what she created. Every time I hand out my business card or show someone my website they inevitably gush over how stunning the website is, and rightfully so! She is an artist. I will always be grateful for the treasures that she gave me throughout our time working together. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more: Kelly is THE BEST."


"Kelly is a strong, beautifully compassionate personality who infuses her work with enormous amounts of care. I love her refreshingly straightforward communication, as well as her sense of humor. A totally bold badass."


"Kelly is a pro, but not at all stuffy. She's empathetic, independent, a go-getter, and damn fierce. (She's also really funny and my entire team got such a kick out of her personality) She immediately makes you feel like you're in a safe space and we had a great time discussing new ideas. She offered us achievable solutions and made the design process stress-free (hallelujah). I like that she doesn't beat around the bush and if you ask her opinion and/or advice, she'll be completely upfront and give it to you straight. I appreciate audacious honesty that is rooted in love —— she truly cares, and it's evident in everything she does. Since launching our new brand, our email list has nearly doubled (hell yes!), and we get daily feedback from people who rave about our brand's vibe. It's a perfect fit. We're a big fan of this woman, her work, her mission, her soul, her aura, everything. She's the dopest."


“Looking at [my branding mockup] feels like going back home to Paris…You know when you don’t want to look at everything or something because you don’t want it to end? That’s how I feel looking at this. You’re a star…I’m so thankful I found you. No one else could have made what you made, or saw into the city of my heart like you. Your creativity is so beautiful!”

Kelly P.

"Her work is pure magic.”


"...You nailed the [brand] design. NAILED IT.

It's exactly what I wanted.  First time.  Honestly.  I looked at it and I loved it at first sight. I showed a bunch of people the images and everyone was like - she fucking nailed it. So. There you go. THANK YOU."


"Kelly is a radical babe who has brought Surf Squad to life in such an epic way. We love the shit out of her, and we can't thank her enough for helping us achieve a huge dream."


"GAHHHHHH KELLLLLLLY ANNNN!!!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU! I'M SO GRATEFUL that you make everything so gorgeously and that it has made this vision come to life with so much ease and beauty.  Thank you thank you thank you!"

Ashly W.

"I can't help but owe it all to the FREAKIN BOMB.COM Kelly Ann. She designed my old blog and I just couldn't imagine having someone else design this space. She is SO awesome to work with and she is insanely talented. I pretty much adore this woman with all my heart. If you're looking for a new design, check her out. I promise you won't regret it."



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