Freckled Italian

Brand Design
Squarespace Customization

Megan Flynn Peterson is a blogger, author, and mom currently living in the Bay Area and running the lifestyle brand Freckled Italian. She’s also my longest client relationship, spanning 7+ years!

Freckled Italian's objective is to share life and personal stories in ways that make other people feel like they’re understood. From food to favorite things to motherhood to creating a life and home wherever you are, to sharing even the most challenging life experiences like cancer, Freckled Italian strives to create an honest and uplifting community where people can feel welcomed.

For branding, we keep things quite fresh and simple, with clean type and a mostly neutral color palette, with pops of deep blue-green and gold. We talked a lot about creating a sense of home with her brand, and how Megan wanted her audience to feel like they were sitting around a table with her, in fellowship and community. The floral illustrations represent not only fresh flowers on a table, but also Megan’s deep love for flowers, tying the whole project together.

brand words: honest, personal, inviting, down-to-earth


“I’m so excited to finally be sharing my new and updated website, complete with fresh branding. Everything was done by my genius still-have-never-met-before-in-real-life-but-knows-me-like-a-sister designer/friend Kelly [James], and I couldn’t be more thrilled with all of it.”

Megan Flynn Peterson

freckled italian: brand design by kelly james

Listen to the project playlist here.