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How long will my project take?

It depends! My Brand Identity package takes at least 10 weeks, while Brand Identity + Website projects take a bit longer. Brand/Product Photography and Content Creation vary greatly from project to project. Because I customize my packages to fit the needs of each client, timelines depend on the scope of the project and any additional elements + services that may be added.

What are your rates?

Each project is really unique, so I like to tailor my quotes very specifically to a client and their needs. Clients are also investing in my time and focus - I only take on a very small amount of projects at one time so I can fully pour my heart, creativity, and intention into each one in the ways my clients deserve. Fill out the form above to find out more!

How do payments work?

I typically break projects into 2-4 payments, depending on the quote. I always require a deposit upfront to book a spot in my schedule, and the final payment be made before any final files/services are delivered.

Can I add on services to your Brand Identity Package?

Yes, every package is customizable to your brand’s needs, so you’ll be able to add-on exclusive design services, such as packaging design, additional brand collateral & content creation, e-courses & ebooks, and more.

Once you’ve designed my branding, can I come back to you in the future for other design needs?

Absolutely! I offer additional and ongoing design services and long-term partnerships to all of my existing clients, and I love it when my clients continue working with me.

Can you design just a logo?

As I take a more comprehensive approach to my brand work and the way I serve my clients, I don’t offer logo-only branding. What I love so much about my job is really diving in and discovering the “why” behind every business, what I can do to make a brand identity impactful and effective, and how it can best serve that ultimate “why.” With each client who works with me, I lay a very solid brand foundation with key pieces (beyond a logo), that can then be built upon as times goes on. A logo is extremely important, but for me and my process/work and my clients, I find that something more holistic and comprehensive proves to be way more successful for everyone.

Can you design some elements using my existing logo created by another designer?

I only work on brand projects where we build the brand from the ground up, so I don't provide a-la-carte services for brands that have been designed by someone else. Once I've designed your custom brand from scratch, I'm always happy to provide ongoing services!

Are your Styling & Photography services only available to your Brand Design clients?

No! I work on product photography and content creation for a wide variety of brands that I haven’t designed. If you have further questions about this, contact me above!

I don’t live in California, can we still work together?

YES! I work with clients all over the world.

Do you work with non-binary business owners and creatives?



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