veronica varlow: branding by kelly james

Love Witch - Veronica Varlow

Brand Design

Veronica Varlow is a Love Witch, Passion Provocateur, International Showgirl, and fourth generation intuitive and magic maker, whose mission is to support women with teachings of confidence, sensuality, intimacy, creating deeply connected relationships with themselves and others, and live luscious lives.

Her target audience includes creative, emotional, and passionate women in their 20s-40s who feel stuck, bored, and lonely. They crave connection with themselves and others, and long to slay shame, own their bodies, experience sisterhood, and live a luscious life.

There aren't enough words to describe how much I loved working with Veronica, who she is as a human and woman, and the incredible radiance she puts out into the world. I was immediately floored by her honesty, transparency in telling her story, her vulnerability, and her passion for her life, her work, and the women/femmes in her life. This project was like a breath of fresh air and I couldn't be more honored to have had a hand in making Love Witch happen. Veronica is a radical woman who has empowered me to be both bold and soft at the same time. What. A. Woman.

Veronica gave me a lot to work with when discussing her brand and what she wanted, and that made envisioning the design pretty clear from the beginning. I almost immediately knew what I wanted to create after reading through her client work the first time. The goal was to create something that drew inspiration from both art deco and the 70s (+ old film posters), while at the same time, feeling fresh and modern. The main mark that will serve as the overall face of Veronica's brand are the connected V's - we wanted something simple and straightforward. However, I also wanted to create a statement piece for her brand that was really extravagant - something that felt all her own and incorporated so many of the elements that represent Love Witch. I also wanted V to be able to use all of the cool elements of this piece on their own, so I took different elements and created some secondary marks inspired by scepters (which we talked about throughout the inspiration process).

I love that the type is strong and cool enough to stand alone, separate from any artwork, but I also feel that with the artwork, it really grounds things. I love that she has so many pieces to choose from and utilize, while keeping a cohesion throughout her brand. 

Veronica varlow is vibrant, luscious, magical, sensual, & luminous

"...You nailed the design. NAILED IT.

It's exactly what I wanted. First time. Honestly. I looked at it and I loved it at first sight. I showed a bunch of people the images and everyone was like - she fucking nailed it. So. There you go. THANK YOU."



veronica varlow: branding by kelly james
veronica varlow: branding by kelly james